May 29 - June 1 -
Gr. 12 ELA Provincial Exam
June 13 -
Gr. 12 Pre-Calculus Provincial Exam
June 14 -
Gr. 12 Essential Math Provincial Exam
June 15 -
Gr. 12 Applied Math Provincial Exam

This page contains links and other resources for teachers.
Curriculum Support
Beautiful Plains SD - Resources for Teachers United Streaming
Read Write Think FunBrain
Children's Literature Web Guide Building Big
Word Central Cool Math
Dinosaur Pictures PreCal 40S Explained!

Manitoba Education Links
Manitoba Education K-12 Home Page
Manitoba Text Book Bureau

On-line References
Merriam-Webster On-line Cdn Virtual War Memorial
CBC Radio Google Scholar
Fort Whyte Center Rubrics
Winnipeg Crime Stat

Professional Association Links
Manitoba Teacher's Society Cdn. Association of Principals
CECM MB HS Athletics Association

Technology Links For Teachers
Power Point Game Templates ClassBlogmeister
Google Earth Google Mars
Flickr Set up an E-Pals experience for your class
Audacity-(Free Sound Recording Software) Welcome to Wikispaces
Google Docs & Spreadsheets Text Message Abbreviations Explained
Internet for Classrooms SMART Technology
My Bookmarks Free Photos
The Hat and More MindMeister
Free Downloadable Calendar Templates Sebran - (Free Kid's Software)
Free Banners-Bannerbreak Free Banners-AAA-Banners
Digital Video How-To: BYTE '08 Teacher Tube
W3 Schools Web Tutorials MS Visual Studio 2008 Free Download